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MMads tech is a rapidly growing Performance Marketing-based organisation that began as an idea in the minds of individuals working in different countries who had the desire to achieve new milestones. Now, MMads tech has its own place in the Affiliate Industry with offices in multiple locations and a family of 30+ employees that is growing every day.

MMads tech offers a comprehensive platform for a vast array of Performance Marketing Services. To meet our clients’ needs and achieve the highest ROI, we are experts in a variety of marketing models. Having one of the most rapidly expanding affiliate networks, we serve clients from various industry verticals, including e-commerce, banking, entertainment, insurance, travel, finance, sports, automobile, gaming, non-governmental organisations, etc.

Our mission is to give the highest quality services to our Advertisers and Publishers so that their businesses and revenues can reach new heights. Our Team of Dedicated Affiliate Managers recommends the finest offers to Advertisers and Publishers based on their business type. Constantly keeping the client’s needs in mind and delivering outcomes that exceed their expectations, we strive for the enhancement and improvement of our services.

Our mission is not only to serve as an Affiliate Marketing Organization, but also to elevate Affiliate Marketing on the Indian and global markets.


Services We Provide To Our Clients

E-Commerce Escalators

Ask for our E-Commerce Escalators services and Generate more sales with low customer Acquisition cost.

Lead Generation

Generate guaranteed and verified leads of your potential customers across multiple Verticals, Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, sales leads.

Native Advertising

Mmads Tech. Discover how to get your products in front of those highly engaged, discerning customers that traditional advertising can’t reach

Performance Marketing

We market with a difference – Pay only after you get results! Tell us the objective & let us deliver.

Affiliate Marketing

Grow your network with our quality affiliates and achieve greater frontiers


Convert your website links to money making links without much effort on marketing & affiliate links!

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