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Privacy Policy

At MMads Technologies, one of our primary importance is privacy. This Privacy Policy definition contains types of details that are managed and recorded by MMads Technologies so that you can comprehend how we register them. 

If you need any more details or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to reach us. Our solitude is essential to us. has completed this information to illustrate our commitment to your solitude. We like you to be knowledgeable of the actions we take to safeguard your personal details. 

This privacy policy will demonstrate how uses and safeguards any personal details you choose to communicate with us by joining our website. MMads Technologies comprehends the significance of privacy. We guarantee you that should we invite you to provide us with any subjective or identifying details, such information will only be employed in a manner established in this privacy assertion.

MMads Technologies. 

If you have further questions or need more details about our Privacy Policy, do not stop to contact us.

This Privacy Policy involves only our online movements and is useful for visitors to our website regarding the details that they transfer and/or contain in MMads Technologies. This policy does not involve any information accumulated offline or via media further than this website.

It is important to clarify that the details gathered through the assistance will be used just for the goal of delivering the Service. 

As solitude is of greatest importance to us, and we are dedicated to describing how we manage the details provided via our different venues, we take service from our sole means. Rest assured that data will be taken with the most elevated grade of confidentiality. If you have any inquiries or problems about our solitude procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to provide and report with vital information and address any questions anyone may have concerning private information and data shields. 

Log Files and Data Analysis

Like different websites, we automatically accumulate and keep certain reports in log files. This comprises. 

  • Internet protocol (IP) addresses
  • Browser types
  • Internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Referring/exit pages
  • Operating systems
  • Date/time stamps
  • Clickstream data

The purpose of assembling this knowledge is to analyse tendencies, assist the site, track users’ signs on the site, and collect demographic announcements.

GDPR Data Protection Rights

MMads Technologies fully capitulates with the GDPR and its knowledge transfer impediments. We make sure the secure transfer of confidential data to a third nation, or a multinational organization is data-prevented. The protection contains the use of conventional contractual clauses, which keep confidentiality and even cover personal contact during the transfer methodology. By adhering to these elements, we intensify our commitment to data seclusion and compliance with appropriate data transfer ordinances.

Information We Gather

The attributes that you are requested to deliver, and the casualties why you are asked to deliver them, will be created obvious to you now we request you to supply your confidential information.

If you contact us instantly, we may receive further attributes like your 

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The contents of the knowledge and/or branches you may transmit to us, 
  • And any other attributes you may determine to provide.

When you register for an Account, we may request your connection details, including things like:

  • Company name
  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Your Address

How We Use It

We use the knowledge we accumulate in multifarious methods, including:

  • Improve, personalize, and expand our website.
  • Understand and analyse how you employ our website.
  • Create unique products, help, components, and functionality.
  • Ship you emails.
  • Transmit with you, either now or through one of our associates, including for client assistance, to provide you updates and other details describing the website, and for commerce and promotional objectives.
  • Locate and control scam.

Information At Sign Up 

Here are some of the details that you require while you are login-

  • Website URL
  • Email address
  • Region
  • Skype ID
  • Company name
  • Phone

On MMads Technologies, you will be able to locate the username and the password. Please state that MMads Technologies shields all Client touch points as individual business elements that will only be utilized to assist Client descriptions and then answer the Buyer, Affiliate, or Publisher questions in understanding with a contractual warranty or appropriate agreement by and between the courses.

Tactful Information

MMads Technologies contains and pleasures keen knowledge in the duration of the Information Technology Act, of 2000, and prevents all the restrictions thereunder. The vulnerability to sensitive data that lives in MMads Technologies.

  • Login Password: The signup needs you to form a password for accessing MMads Technologies rage, which is personal and fragile information, collected and maintained within the MMads Technologies database. 
  • Monetary Information: The Bank information may be observable on the cheques couriered to us for the expense of any pension, but the entire bank account items are never said down or processed for any lands whatsoever, with us.

Advertising Partners Policies

For advertisement purposes, we use a third-party associate accountable for displaying ads on our website or managing our ads on different sites. This member may employ technologies like cookies to accumulate details regarding the activities on this site and others, permitting them to deliver ads customized to the browsing activities and interests.

Also, our only means to stop the ads for the users intended towards ‘fake clicks.’

Third-Party Policies

MMads Technologies Policy does not involve other websites or advertisers. Thus, we are presenting you consult the respective Policies of these third-party ad waitpeople for a more thorough report. It may contain their rules and instructions regarding how to go out of certain opportunities.

Users can hurt cookies in browsers. Stopping cookies will not yet manage tickets for all advertisements. 

If an end-user desires to opt release of a particular ad network, publisher, or advertiser’s ads, that is required to reach the feelings. It can also stop the implementation of Ad Identifiers for targeted promotions by enabling the Limit Ad Tracking arranged on their phones. End users can reset the Ad Identifier working in their smartphone’s isolation areas. All the users should comment that MMads Technologies accumulates data on behalf of the customers. 


MMads Technologies resources the request to transmit your precise communications attached to our benefit or sponsored advertisement, organizational communications, and the Newsletter, which are regarded as the territory of your registered declaration, with a chance for you to control obtaining them. We shall even ship you emails which shall contain data about our living or replacement advantages or attributes.

CCPA Rights (Don’t Sell My Confidential Information)

Under this, customers have the freedom to:

A directive that an organization that includes a consumer’s data states the categories and dedicated pieces of personal data that a business has stockpiled about clients.

Ask that a company delete any confidential data about the customer that a business has accumulated.

Order that a company that sells a consumer’s information, not sell the consumer’s details.

If you create a recommendation, we have one month to react. It will be the most useful part if you contact us instantly. 

Security Tracker 

It operates commercially reasonable efforts that receive an assortment of security technologies and procedures to guard customer and end-user data from unauthorized certificates, services, or disclosure. Unique facts, especially the astute details about users are kept on MMads Technologies plans and are safeguarded utilizing industry-standard defence standards. We hold an assortment of electronics, materials, and safeguards to safeguard your details.

You require that electronics have no authority over the defence of other places on the Internet that you are seeing, interacting with, or from to purchase products or funding. You should preserve your user title, password, or other certificate attributes secure and isolated to defend against unauthorized entry to your account and services.

Data Security

The protection of any personal knowledge, as well as our customers’ details, is of greatest importance to MMads Technologies. We have implemented reasonable safety standards to guard the data from defeat, collapse, abuse, unauthorized entrance, or disclosure. When intense understanding is provided, like credit card numbers on our order records or login certificates on our platform login page, we use secure socket layer technology (SSL) to encrypt the transmission of those facts. These cutting-edge technologies ensure that any data remains secure, secure, and unrestricted only to the received individuals.

Client-Side Tracking

Customers use MMads Technologies for pixel post back or servers to collect knowledge about Users. Pixel quest, which is even comprehended as  

  • “Cookie-based tracking” 
  • “Client-side tracking” 

The funds an MMads Technologies session identifier in a user’s history cookie on click. In search, MMads Technologies instantly sends an identifier to the advertiser per click. On transformation, the advertiser then communicates that identifier to MMads Technologies for validation. MMads Technologies also maintains server-to-server measurements for some buyers. MMads Technologies gathers particulars from the User’s computer or device. 

Children’s Information

MMads Technologies does not consciously manage any Personal Identifiable Info from kids under the period of 13. If you come across that there is information related to it, then you must make sure to reach us instantly so that it can be removed from the site. 

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